Friday, April 13, 2012

Life in College.

Started my life as a college student, how boring. Weird hmm.. that I'm updating my blog? Since someone asked me to update a post for her, I being a gentleman am updating now.. =P So, of course, I wouldn't just update for anyone when asked now would I? :) Haha, well. I'm going to be a little cheesy now but ah, what the heck. Girl, you know who you are. and how much you mean to me. I had past relationships, but with you, this feels different. I know you feel the same way, but you're just too afraid to admit it.. i understand. but I'm not just another guy who would play you like a toy. I'm willing to take all my time just to spend it with you, I'll bring you for dates, take you out for dinner, watch movies with you and etcetc.. haha you get the point. I'm asking you for a chance. A chance I'm sure you won't regret, I'm falling for you deeply girl. :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holy Fcuks.

my friend told me she found my old blog today. i forgotten that i even had this blog, feels like a century ago. holy fucks, i was fucking gay. but thats just how i roll........ =) reading about my past life made me realise so many things had happened when i was a boy. funny how fast time passes, im already in college?! Haha, i thought of deleting this blog but whats the point? i can always come back and read it now that i found it again. haha...well bye!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

no updates..

hieyhx~..sry no pos...nth to pos marhx...dhen gt abit lazy also larhx XD hahax..futbal over lerhx! SPAIN winn!=DD hahax, wuz vry hppy nw vry sad...snce futbal over..hw to stp me 4rm tinkin..? dhen nvrmnd....i m stil tryin...n i wil kip tryin...~nth edii lorhx..xiaofen meimei, i update edii orhx^^ hppy marhx nw?? hahax..i luv u meimei ♥

Sunday, July 4, 2010


i damm no mood is BRAZIL LOSE......2pid netherlands larhx....== argentina VS germany also fuck larhx...germany WALK INTO THE GOAL...ZZZ......damm 2pid larhx..i damm beh song larhx....== juzt hope FINAL is hope all on u nw...u bttr don lose....!!!!!!!URUGUAY,GERMANY,NETHERLAND u all GO BAK HOME LARHX...hope u all lose 99 n DIE!!!!!!=D boring edii..brazil no more in....haix..nvrmnd..i wait 2 see SPAIN hw =] tats all lorhx...~

N i gt 1 more pos......4 sum1.............!
tangtang!...i knw u sad 4 a u dowan 2 tel me...
i cnnt help u....u alwase thr ask me cheer up wen im sad..
nw i 1 do dhe same 4 i donno hw...
im xtualy vry i trying my bezt..
so i hope u read tis...n see tat i care 4 u...
n will nt hope 2 see u sad...ok??? CHEER Up....
muzt alwase hppy lyk u tel me=D <3

Thursday, July 1, 2010


hieyhxxx!!!nthn 2 pos 2day.....juzt vry boring....~~donno wht 2 do..........juzt watch futbal...!!!!! hpe brazil in FINALS!!!!!!!WOOOOOO! name also can cheer XD WOOOO!!!!!!!!!hehe....n i 1 say...thx 2 evry1 care me...ask me to hapi bk..all tat come my blog read..n thn live cmment..thx u all vry much..all my mei's......u guys r best..luv u all..=)i tink nthn edii larhx.....i also donno pos nvm larhx...byebye orhx!

Friday, June 25, 2010

smilee ^^

hieyhxx!! im bak lorhx......i 1 admit sumting lerhx..dhe pos b4 dis nerh,my frnd gt help mie write hre abit dhere abit lorhx....donno BI bcm more worse n worse larhx...=(( lst tym my BI vry gd 1 lie......dhen donno y bcm lyk dis...haixx....useless T^T study tat time all also lyk exam donno hw many...hvnt gif mom see...=X if gif her see fail sure get diao by her larhx.....dhen sure tell dad...n get diao by dad agn....=__= lazy fuck wif dhem larhx..gif dhem scold larhx, i listen muzik bttr.....urhh,dis few days watch FIFA world cup XD alwayz go mamak watch on big screen til latelate at nyte...XD fun nerhx,evry1 shout GOALL!!! LOLX..brazil VS portugal 2nyte!!!!!!!!!GO BRAZILLLL!=DD

2nyte b4 10pm GO mamak!!!! SMS ME IF GO K..!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Last for You.

Yvonne Wong,
This is my last post for you, I'm going to write with normal english.
No Lala words, I just want to be natural for this time.
I admit my English is not really very good, but I tried to learn.
Just for this post, only for you.
I've been thinking a lot lately, and of course. Its about you.
I'm sure what I'm feeling now means nothing to you.
I just want you to know, I really love you. I do.
But I know whatever that i said, You don't even want to care.
I really mean nothing to you anymore?
It just hurts me, to see you gone. For real.
Your not coming back, so I've decided, I'm going to let you go.
Even if it breaks my heart, there's no use waiting for you.
All my friends told me, "Not worth it la."
And even your friends told me, "Just give up."
Should I listen to them? I think I should.
That is why, I'm saying this for the last time.

Girl, You showed me the world.
With you in my arms, I was the happiest boy ever.
With you loving me, I felt like flying.
With you being there for me, I felt safest.
I really don't feel like letting go,
But even myself told me, Its enough.
I don't want to get played by you.
So baby, for the last time,
I Love You. ♥